Lights of an alien city in a crater

Like some of the , this piece is designed to challenge web designer students. The illustrated article - a short piece written on the discovery of the two thousandth planet outside our solar system - uses the CSS Shapes module and for the ideal layout conditions, although it’s entirely possible to complete it using more traditional methods.

Very often I find that students are left frozen by the infinitudes of possibility, like a child faced with the first day of summer vacation: given the potential to do almost anything, they can’t choose, and so remain stuck doing nothing.

In the light of that all-too-common stumbling block, this week’s web developer exercise is a little different from : rather than working to reproduce a piece of work exactly, this article sets out a broad set of design goals, while imposing limits to the ways in which they can be executed.

I’ve often found that imposing restrictions actually helps students, forcing them to be inventive in exploring new creative options.  Here are my suggestions, delivered as two separate projects.