Photograph of a dock leading to a thunderstorm

Music is a powerful mood elevator, but often comes with too much detail and excitement for the efficient production of code: distracting lyrics, the temptation to fuss with playlists, and dancing rather than working.  Sometimes, you just want to block out the world and code.

Since YouTube has allowed super-long video formats, a host of great sound sources have been uploaded. A few of my favorites include 75 minutes of thunder and rain and a half-hour audio recording in the Amazon rainforest. I also like Noisili, which generates soothing nature sounds,, A Soft Murmur and (Now that browsers have broad support of the HTML5 Web Audio API, there’s also the possibility of generating your own custom tones with a few lines of code in a web page, an option I’ll cover in future articles).

If you prefer to do your work in Starbucks, you can now bring that experience into your home or office: Coffitivity is an ongoing sampled recording of a friendly coffeeshop environment. If you have a personal recommendation, feel free to share it in the comments below!

Photograph by Carlos Gotay, used with permission.

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