Photograph of a notebook with written lists

Goal: By the end of this section you should understand the three kinds of HTML list and have the ability to link web pages together.

Prerequisites: Basic Typography & Writing

Total time (core material): 2 hours

Core Material


  1. Lists
  2. Reversing & Re-ordering Lists
  1. Links Introduction
  2. Local Links
  3. Remote Links
  4. Anchor Links
  5. Paths
  6. Link Oddities

Optional: Read about reversing and re-starting ordered lists with HTML5.

Supplementary Material

Watch the Treehouse video series on lists: Ordered & Unordered and Definition Lists. Follow it up with the associated Quiz and Code Challenge. Total Time: 25 minutes.

Watch the Links video series:  Part 1 and Part 2, followed by the video on Anchors. Note that the video presenter uses a series of <br> tags to gain vertical space on the page during the anchors section. Never do this. Use filler text or real content instead.

Prove your retention of the presented information by taking the Quiz Review at the end of the section.

Recommended Reading

Read HTML Lists and HTML Links from the Web Platform Docs.

Read Chapter 3 (Lists) & 4 (Links) of HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites and pages 73 – 76, together with Chapter 6, Learning Web Design.

When You’re Done

At this stage you have the ability to make a simple web site: two or more pages of HTML content linked together. The best way to continue your learning in HTML is to make your first site using the skills you have earned thus far. Try to incorporate lists into the pages, if possible. It won’t look terribly inspiring, but that’s not what’s important right now: what takes priority is working with HTML.

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