Photograph of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's in concert

Every so often I like to review the accomplishments of my graduate students in their work, travel, and changes. I’ve delayed doing so far due to updates on this blog: I wanted students not showcased here to have the opportunity to share their own work in the comments section below.

  • 2009 Graduate Jenn Five has become a successful photographer in London England, specializing in rock concerts: it is her photograph (of a Yeah Yeah Yeah’s concert) that is shown in the banner. Her most recent assignment was photograhing the Rolling Stones.
  • Graduate Photograph of Tyler and Anina StalmanTyler Stalman has also made a name for himself in photography, becoming a successful commercial photographer and a partner in Stocksy, a stock image site with a unique regard for creators. It’s his self-portrait with his partner Ania that’s shown to the right.
  • Graduates Ryan Chamberlain and Mike Poon are producing, editing and animating a science education YouTube channel, The SciGuys.
  • Michael Tighe’s company has recently completed a series of sites, including their first responsive effort: Cibo Calgary, a local restaurant. Web developer Umer Tahir has worked on sites for W. Brett Wilson (Dragon’s Den) and tanning awareness organisation The Big Burn.

Finally, after working for several years, 2011 grad Aisling Brock has ventured to England, where she is covering her experiences in a new blog, Wanderlustful.

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