In the previous article I gave a brief explanation of lorem ipsum text, its historical use in typesetting, and 19 modern filler text generators. The number and diversity of loren ipsum generators continues to grow, necessitating an entirely new article.

  • Zombie Ipsum: A macabre feast of frightful filler!Ironically, the most useful of the new sites is probably Not Lorem Ipsum, which generates contextual body copy for over fifty industries and professions, including banks, florists and web design. The site is great for creating specific filter text for business website mockups.
  • In terms of fun (and great design) the best site would be ZombieIpsum.
  • Lorem ipsum for skaters has a REST API and a JQuery plugin, and BaseballIpsum uses quotes from the game.
  • If you want regional variations: local dialect text in Spanish and Australian.
  • Still more literary sources: Fillerati uses a corpus of 19th and early 20th century writers: Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and more, with a great slider interface and options to generate marked-up HTML content.
  • Finally, Journo ipsum, from the wonderful Neimen Journalism Lab, together with CorporateIpsum, generates appropriate business-speak boilerplate.

Many thanks to Jeff Atwood for supplying many of the links used in this post.

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