As the semester winds down my workload is rising: marking and curriculum development here at SAIT is taking more and more of my time. Of course, I also have the holidays approaching. Due to all of these factors, you can expect to find very few blog updates over the next several weeks, at least until the winter semester starts.

I’m also rapidly approaching the date when I will have complete coverage of all of the content I teach in my day-to-day web development classes: I’ve found myself saying “I don’t have the opportunity to answer your question about this advanced technique, but here is on the blog” with greater frequency. While there are always improvements to make, articles to rewrite, and extra features to add (in particular, the entries on Javascript), on the whole you’ll find that, starting next year, new articles will be more diverse and advanced (and very likely published less frequently, for those same reasons).

In the meantime, I will be working on version 3.0 of the blog; I plan to have that rolled out before the winter semester begins on January 9.

(The top of this article is illustrated with a speech-bubble shaped “tag cloud” of the topics that I’ve covered here over the last few months, generated by Tagxedo).

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