My apologies for the lack of new blog articles of late; I’ve been working on curriculum development, teaching at night, considering the next refresh of this site, and playing a lot of Portal 2.

Mobile device share (8% of all visitors, April 2011)
Mobile device share (8% of all visitors, April 2011)

However! I have managed to slip in a few new features. Android users are now the third largest segment of mobile users visiting this site, and I was never satisfied with the way that the blog appeared on those devices, so I took the time to improve the display of the site significantly for those users. (It’s still not perfect, but the layout is a lot better, at least on Android 2.2 and above as emulated on my development machine; as always, your feedback is very welcome).

I’ve also slipped in a few improvements for IE users – less than 7% of total site visitors, but you have been neglected for some time.

At the same time I’ve changed the order and structure of the sidebar slightly, breaking CSS into its own menu item, and adding a new section on to cover recent articles. I plan to add more menu topics over the next few weeks as new articles are written; while this may make the sidebar slightly less easy to use, the categorization will help organize the upcoming book format.

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