Jessica Herzog

Jessica specializes in website and app design. While studying in the NMPD program she also successfully completed a Bachelor of Communications Studies degree at the University of Calgary.


Becca Gould

When she's not building websites and apps (assisted by her background in Computer Science), Becca is also a competitive runner in cross country and indoor track events across Canada.


Vince Raquel

Vince Raquel was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec and is bilingual in English and French. He is a web developer and videographer.


Kristian Vassilev

Originally from Bulgaria, Kristian's passion for video production brought him to Calgary, where he discovered a passion for coding.


Evan Newman

Evan is a designer driven to create work that carries a lasting emotional impact and reflects his diverse interests.


Myles Malloy

Myles is passionate about music and art, interests reflected in the many projects he has created and collaborated in.


Every year, graduates of the two-year New Media Production & Design course that I teach feature their work in a two-night showcase. Not everyone can attend the event at MacDonald Hall, and sometimes those that do want a beeline to the graduates who can help them most in new business and contract work. To facilitate that, I highlight the best students in web development each year: those featured above.

If you do have the opportunity to meet these graduates in person, I strongly encourage you to do so: the event is from 3 - 7 PM on April 15 and 16 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Next week, I'll profile some of the excellent designers graduating from this year's class.

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