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Recent portfolio work by one of my students used a very attractive “scaled” background image, encoded in base64. I decoded the texture to reverse-engineer the code, then improved the revealed SVG; at the same time, I created a simple hexagonal background pattern, which is also shared here.

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to build a better pattern generator: those that I’m aware of are good, but they don’t exploit the richness available in the technology for making designs.

What you see above is a simple prototype that shows the range of possibilities generated from a single circle, the making of which was interesting enough to warrant an article of its own…

Hatching and crosshatching refers to tight, parallel strokes drawn to suggest shadow, density and tone in illustrations. Used in everything from etchings to comics, both effects are relatively easy to create in . Because they’re very closely related to grids, I’ll address those here too.