Photograph of a spread quilt on a wooden Arts and Crafts style bed

Over the last few days I’ve been reminded just how wonderful some of my web design students in the NMPD program are:

  • Rebecca Sali, one of my second-year students, also happens to be a quilter. I saw the “Alberta Stars” design years ago: while the quilt itself disappeared from stores, the pattern was still available via the magic of the Internet. Rebecca worked on making the quilt over the the past two semesters, and gave it to me on Friday; you can see it in the shot above.
  • Photograph of cheesecake and cupcakes on an office deskOne of my first-year students recently brought in a tray of delicious homemade cheesecake and chocolate cupcakes for the class. While her fellow students were curiously reticent in partaking, storing the cheesecake in my office refrigerator kept the small NMPD teaching staff fed and fuelled for days.

I very much look forward to seeing my graduate student's work in this year’s Graduate Showcase, which is coming up next month; I'll share details here very soon.

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